Our Trip to Chucks Cove

On Thursday we went to Chucks cove on a school trip and went exploring in the rock pools

Ollie found a big crab, he pranked Alice by putting it on her head.

Alice screamed and shook it off her head.

Clara found a baby crab and gave it to Arnya and it ran around in her hand, she let it go under a little rock


We did a treasurer hunt. We had to find shrimp, seaweed, fish, anemone, limpets, Shells, sea urchin, sea snail crabs and other cool things.

After we went to Coopers beach for lunch and a swim.

We made sandcastle and Mrs Bates brought us Ice Blocks.


It was an awesome day of sun, sand and water.

Bubble art

Last week we did Bubble art with Whaea Hannah.

We got to blow heaps of bubbles in the coloured water then put our paper over the top and it left cool patterns on the paper.

what we needed: Food coloring, Dish soap, Water, Jars, straws and paper.

We also blew bubbles with different bubble wands, we used pegs, jar lids, wooden spoons with holes and wire that had been twisted around into different shapes.

It was fun.

How to look after our ipads

On Monday Donna Came in to see us and teach us how to look after our iPads.

We learnt to bear hug our iPad when we move around the class, we learnt to not leave it out side.

Don’t leave it on the ground and how to touch the screen softly, we also learnt how to put our iPads away in the box to make our teaches life easier.

Donna told us not to touch the stylus pen on the soft end and we learnt how to turn our iPads off and on.



Our class has been doing Circability on a Wednesday.

Our favorite thing to do is the flower sticks and spinning plates.

We have been learning to juggle, it is really fun.

Puriri Class.

We are Puriri class and we are very excited for the new year.

We are from Oruaiti School near Mangonui in the far north.

We are a year 3 class and we have two teachers Whaea Hannah and Mrs McLean .

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